Hi! I am Uma Sudhindra & Welcome to Changing Outlooks!

Profession: Entrepreneur.

Location: Bangalore, India

Passionate about:  Music, Reading, Traveling, Cooking & Writing…not necessarily in that order all the time 🙂

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your title sub-heading, “Musings of an eternal optimist!”. Seems like lot of your blogs are uplifiting and inspirational, thats the type of blog I want to follow 🙂


  2. Dear Uma! I met you at the Airport while you leaving for Kargil I guess.. This article is just so touching, facts put so beautifully, thanks for letting us know your experience.. One day I do look fwd to visit there as well.. Stay in touch, and call up when you free sometimes.

    George Satapathi
    M: +91 9900016027


  3. Hi, I came across your blog by accident when I was looking at some armed forces quotes. It was such a welcome change, when someone was actually acknowledging what they are doing for us.
    For a person like me, who gets so disillusioned about the general apathy of the Indian public,towards the armed forces, it was a ray of hope. I hope more and more people become aware.
    Thanks a lot.

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