We Are The World…Being Humane

There comes a time, when we hear a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
Oh it’s time to lend a hand…

This is a song that took the music world and the human world by storm when it was released. Musically, it was a brilliant piece of composition comprising of more than 25 singers. Humanely, it touched a chord in everyone who heard it. There have been many people who have cried after listening to this song…yours truly included.  We care

The world has been coming together as one in times of war, strife, calamities, terrors. Yes, we have to be grateful that people rally around in difficult times. We need people most around us at that point. What I think would be more gratifying is when people come together as one even in happy times. That I feel will be the easiest way to spread more positivity around us.

I attended a global conference of networkers in Malaysia last week conducted by the QI Group. I have been attending this conference for the last four years. This year we celebrated Mother’s Day during the conference. Every speaker on stage that day paid tribute to not only their mothers, but to mothers all over the world. Of course the audience saluted this gesture…about 55% of the audience were women!!!

This got me thinking about how the concept of motherhood binds all humanity. I mean there is no difference between a mother’s love in Kenya or Canada or Cambodia. All mothers are the same…world over 🙂 :). Meeting and interacting with people from more than 50 countries brought home another point. Human beings are pretty much the same world over…at the very basic emotional, mental & spiritual level. Physically/physiologically we are different..sure that makes us interesting also.

Here is what I think binds and bonds people together and this is my take away from the conference itself.

1. Everyone wants to be respected. More than 11,000 people attending this conference in Penang, would walk into the stadium quickly with no pushing, pulling or breaking the queues. Respect – the bedrock of any relationship anywhere in the world. I would rather be respected than be loved…my take…if I am respected, love will follow sometime.

2. Smile – it costs nothing. The most endearing expression that can connect you to anyone…from a child to an elderly person. A smile that comes straight from the heart, reaches your eyes and manifests on your lips can accomplish a lot.

3. Listen and listen with your heart…not just hear with your ears. Very often we do not listen to understand intent, we listen to only reply. Listening is actually the secret to discover great stories. Suffice it to say that every good conversation begins with good listening.

4. Humor is a great equalizer. When sharing a good joke you break more ice with people. And we have a lot of common things that we can joke about without hurting sentiments. A common thing that kept everyone rolling with laughter at the conference were mother in law  jokes…that humor transcended all geographical boundaries.

5. Love makes the world go round. Love is critical for any human being to live a fulfilling life. Love can arise out of a common vision, a common goal, dream and we can connect with people across the globe with this one emotion. Mountains can be moved if this emotion is strong enough in all of us.  Rythm

6. Inclusiveness – people like to be included and not ignored when they are in a group or together. Unfortunately we focus more on dividing people based on categories. We also forget that these categories are made for specific purposes that create exclusiveness first, and then, divide people permanently. Inclusiveness resolves this.

A testimony to all that I have written above is the beautiful concept of RYTHM NATION created by the QI Group. RYTHM stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and 11,000 participants became part of that nation with one vision that they were focused on – to be successful networkers and fulfil their dreams.


4 thoughts on “We Are The World…Being Humane

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