The Last Few Weeks…

That’s exactly what I want to write about…the last few weeks. Three different cities and myriad experiences…:)

My first stop was Delhi…a city that has always fascinated me with its colour, cultures, food, energy, zest for living the good life,jugaad approach. I love Delhi!!!

This time I traveled by the metro as my friends recommended. Was I glad or what! It saved me time…am glad I wasn’t on the roads in the crazy monsoon and even crazier traffic. I’m not writing to complain about what we all know and experience in different cities. I’m writing to share my experience of the metro. I absolutely loved it. For the first time in my life I felt safe as a female commuter in Delhi…no pushing, no pulling. On all the metro rides I had, which were during peak hours, I was given a seat by the men who were chivalrous enough to get up the moment they saw ladies :):):)

Last but not the least, the cleanliness at all stations made me so proud! I thought to myself, “what is it that we can’t do if we put our minds to it”

Thank you Delhi Metro for a wonderful experience and for making me feel safe and proud!!!

The second part of my journey took me to vibrant Punjab…a state that always makes me sing and dance. My daughters and my parents traveled with me and we were at a regimental get together for three days. The joy of meeting old friends and making new ones…the pleasure of meeting family friends who have seen you grow…and now they see you with grown up kids. Did that change the equation between us? Absolutely not..they still treated me like a ten year old 🙂 and I could kid around with all the old uncles and aunties the way I did thirty years ago :):):). As a result of those bonds, my children found it very easy to make new friends in the regiment.

After three days of winning and dining and socialising, we were off to Amritsar. An evening at Wagah Border stirred something deep for my daughters, as it was their first experience. I relived it with them! The emotional high of being right next to your neighboring country, waving at the local population on the other side of the border, talking to the border security guards…I cannot explain…I only pray a lot of Indians get an opportunity to experience it!

How can one miss the gastronomic delights offered by Amritsar? So, the five of us indulged in the locally made”chole kulche”, “aloo tikki” & my all time favorite, “gol gappas”.

All good things need not come to an end…so the good times continue in Bangalore now. See you all soon when I come back with more!!!

Till then…continue leading the fantastic life you deserve to lead :):):)

2 thoughts on “The Last Few Weeks…

  1. Good you shared your experience. You reminded me of my visit to Amritsar. 🙂
    Very well written. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Best Wishes!!


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