Truth…Uncomfortable & Unfamiliar

The Matrix has a scene in the movie where Morpheus offers Neo a choice of seeing the truth in all it’s discomfort or continuing to live in the constructed, unreal dream world of machines, where you are enslaved so much that you don’t even know it.


Many of us live life by taking the equivalent of the blue pill. This is a harsh fact…. We don’t want to see the truth…because the truth is unfamiliar, so it is uncomfortable. Therefore we continue to live a life that is not really free!!! Except that we don’t even know it. However, we always know the truth in our hearts. We know the direction we should take, we know our potential. We may be afraid to break free, but, deep down  we always know.


Every event in our life is like a blue pill, a potential teaching. Whether we are open to it or not, is not the Universe’s problem. The more uncomfortable or troubled you are by life’s events, the bigger the lesson life teaches you. So when we face difficulties in life, it’s best to remember that we were sitting in the classroom of life. When the lesson is learnt for that particular episode in life, the discomfort will stop. Most of the times, the level of discomfort involved will weaken us and we may get tempted to ignore the lesson learnt.


Some of the ways in which we commonly avoid or prevent ourselves from learning the nuggets are here:

1. Completely ignoring the issue by saying, “What? Why should I worry?”

2. Playing the victim. “What to do…why do these things happen to me?”

3. Becoming angry with someone else and blaming them. “It’s all your/his/her fault”

4. Becoming angry with life. “Life is miserable. It is unfair.”


All the above are variants of the same blue pill. What is a better option in life then? Become self aware. It takes a lot of practice. It does not happen as easy as it sounds. Or even as easy as Neo swallowing the red pill. My experience is that my awareness keeps me growing as an individual. And in the process of growing, I have shed a lot of inhibitions…internal and the self imposed external ones.


I know my freedom reflects in my life today…because a lot of people ask me, “How can you keep smiling under all circumstances and where on earth do you get that energy from?”

My only answer is, “I don’t know where on earth you can find it…I know I found it within me.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

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