The Rainbow Of My Life…People We All Need In Our Lives!

We all think that we go through life using our own strengths, capabilities, competencies, etc. While this is true, we also need people around us who can help us get through different situations in life. I call such people my rainbow…because in the end, they all help me reach my pot of gold. 🙂 🙂 🙂  

I have discovered 7 such people in my life, who are my pillars in my life. They all have their individual roles to play and contribute to make my my life complete.

The Dreamer

Some one who enables me to dream…someone who paints vivid pictures with me and allows me add my own colors on the canvas of imagination. This is someone who doesn’t stop me from dreaming big!  This is the voice of imagination. 🙂

The Instigator

Someone who pushes you, who makes you think. Who motivates you to get up and go, and try, and make things happen. This person keeps you energized, and enthusiastic. This is the voice of inspiration. 🙂

The Cheerleader

This person is a huge fan, a strong supporter, and a rabid evangelist for you and your work. Work to make this person rewarded, to keep them engaged. This is the voice of motivation. 🙂

The Doubter

This is the devil’s advocate, who asks the hard questions and sees problems before they arise. You need this person’s perspective. They are looking out for you, and want you to be as safe as you are successful. This is the voice of reason. 🙂 

The Taskmaster

This is the loud and belligerent voice that demands you gets things done. This person is the steward of momentum, making sure deadlines are met and goals are reached. This is the voice of progress. 🙂 

The Connector

This person can help you find new avenues and new allies. This person breaks through roadblocks into finds ways to make magic happen. You need this person to reach people and places you can’t. This is the voice of cooperation and community. 🙂

The Example

This is your mentor, you hero, your North Star. This is the person who you seek to emulate. This is your guiding entity, someone whose presence acts as a constant reminder that you, too, can do amazing things. You want to make this person proud. This is the voice of true authority. 🙂 

Who are these people in your life…have you identified them? Whenever you do, thank them for their contribution in making you who  you are!!! I thank my parents, Venky & Radha Patil, my daughters Urvashi & Urmila, my other pillars Sanjiv & Alka Mehrotra, Binod Panda, Venkat, Jawad Ahmed for just being who they are!!! :):):)

Go find the above people and you will definitely find your pot of gold…


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