Be The One Who Builds The Temple…

To every triumph, some failure leads

For every accomplishment, agony heeds

The must of desire masters through design

Just a vision that every ambition needs

Truly powerful ambition, in an individual, carries others along with him. Ambition comes from a unique perspective on life. In some, it is limited in horizon. While some others can have a large-hearted, all-inclusive ambition. What is your type?
About a 1000 years ago, a sage was drawn to a construction site. He watched from the edge of a clearing in the forest as the workmen bent over their individual tasks.
Finally his curiosity drove him to one workman at the edge of the site, whom he asked “What are you doing, my good man?” The workman looked up briefly and went back to his work “I’m working” he said curtly.
Not satisfied with the answer, the sage approached a second workman to ask him the same question. “You can see I’m breaking stones” he replied.
The sage was made of stern stuff and he wasn’t leaving without an answer, so he walked over to a third workman with the question. “I’m building a temple” replied this workman smilingly.
The incident opened the sage’s eyes, because all three of them were breaking boulders into smaller stones, but in their minds they were not doing the same jobs.
The third workman was working for a cause much larger than himself and it showed in his approach to work.
You can just do a day’s work, or build a career, a team, an organization, or a nation
An individual’s overpowering ambition can be the glue that holds together and powers forward a team, an army or a country.
This has been proven time and again by various leaders from history. Alexander The Great, and Gandhi are just two names from the past.
Working as an entrepreneur, I have always found that my ambition fuels my vision. If I am not self motivated to achieve my milestones, smaller goals leading to my bigger dreams, how on earth will I achieve my vision? Isn’t that the stuff visions are supposed to be made of? I have also seen certain others who quit their jobs and start working on their own…but just fade away with the sunset soon. After some introspection & talking to some fellow entrepreneurs, I realized that if your internal motivation needs external strokes regularly, then it’s no longer internal motivation.
Of course, we are all human and do need some powerful external inspiration to move ahead at times. It could be either a situation or a person who can inspire us. What has worked for some of us is “collective ambition”. This has helped us achieve what we want in life…not everything…we are still work in progress :). What is “collective ambition”? It’s a special ingredient that allows us to have“…a story that depicts our purpose, vision and plans on how to achieve our dreams.”
Seven ingredients of collective ambition:
1. Purpose: our raison d’etre, our why.
2. Vision: what we want to achieve in a given time frame.
3. Targets and milestones: the metrics used to assess the extent to which the team has progressed toward its vision.
4. Strategic and operational priorities: The actions we will take and not take in pursuit of our vision.
5. Brand promise: The commitments we make to our new partners in terms of empowering them to achieve their dreams.
6. Core values: Our guiding principles that dictate what we stand for in good and bad times.
7. Leader behaviors: How we build our leaders & how they will act, day-by-day and in the long term, to implement vision and strategy as they strive to fulfill their brand promise and live up to their values.
These seven ingredients need to be interwoven to create the ambition machinery. This machinery also needs what we call as the “glue” & “grease”. Glue creates the collective sense in our team, and the ‘grease’ enables it to function efficiently! Unlike everywhere, we focus on a business that builds people and not use people to build the business…sounds esoteric? We can always have a discussion on that…
Till then…expand your ambition and your horizon.
Grow the small pictures that others see, so your big picture gets progressively even bigger. You can choose your perspective and your role in life.
Be the one who builds the temple.

One thought on “Be The One Who Builds The Temple…

  1. wow, I concur with all 7 ingredients. I defnitely strive for it every day. Its very difficult to stay focused on all 7, but with enough reptition it seems to get little easier 🙂


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