Perceptions…Two Sides Of A Coin!

There was a murder in Texas at Halloween, and the FBI were called in to investigate. Hitchcock, one of the officers, saw something written in blood on the wall. It looked like the number ‘7734’, but he was not sure; anyway, he took lots of pictures.

When Hitchcock got back to the lab he developed the film of the crime scene, but he still could not make any progress with the number. In the hope of inspiration, he took the sheaf of photographs home and spread them on the dining room chair. Just at that moment his 7 year old daughter Emma came in through the patio door opposite, and looked in the mirror.

‘Why have you photographed hell?’, she asked, then Hitchcock saw that upside down, and mirrored, 7734 spelt: ‘hELL’.










Very often in life we need others to show us the mirror and yet we may not see what they see. When we do…it is defined as an “Aha” moment!!! A picture that actually creates such a moment is given below. It will be interesting to see how people interpret the picture.




The picture doesn’t really change…we just emphasize different parts of it and assign them different meaning.







Look at these two arrows. Which horizontal line is the longest? They are exactly the same size. However the top one looks longer than the bottom one. It is on optical illusion tricking us into assigning a different meaning to what we see.

We fill in a lot of blanks with our minds. If we have incomplete perceptions, which we practically always do to a certain extent, our minds fill in the rest. Perception is a process that many of us find ourselves focusing on as we go through the journey of awakening. The reason for this is because we are beginning to see how our thoughts affect our reality, how our feelings and understandings of a thing can either expand or limit our experiences. Perception is a tool much like a pair of glasses, as it helps us to understand better what it is before us. Here’s one more image for you to interpret and understand 🙂

A chalice or two faces? See how your perception slips from one to the other once you recognize them both? The thing about perception is it is an internal guidance system, can also act as a reflective tool of self-aware learning, and it is something each of us is using every moment of every day.

Though it can be painful to really examine ourselves internally, and try to understand our own motivations and behaviors and cyclic patterns, it inevitably leads to a truer sense of self awareness. And this is the goal of any awakening; to better understand who we are.

My experience has taught me to always be careful and watchful of how I am perceiving things. This was difficult at first, it was not always easy to shift from “I am my mind” thinking into “I am observing my mind” consciousness. And yet, when I practiced it, I found how simple it is to shift back and forth. From doing to being.

One of the most inevitable result is conflicts that can arise with others when our perceptions clash. See how you may be limiting yourself or another based on your perception. Are you able to differentiate between what you perceive, and what another perceives? We do this in everything in life, and some of our most intense personality clashes occur due to a perceptive difference which lends itself to aggressive defensiveness.

So watch, observe…understand, accept and then communicate! Have a fun filled Monday 🙂 🙂 🙂

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