The Necessity Of Being Wealthy!

An interesting interaction last week with a few friends is the basis of what I am sharing today. The day’s headlines of Bangalore being one of the most expensive cities to live in was the topic under discussion and sure enough it led to the question of how much wealth is enough wealth! 

Like most people in my generation I have had mixed feelings about acknowledging that it is very important to be rich. Rich was four letter word that most people did not use. One had to be subtle about these things and not talk too much about it…lest people around thought you were greedy. 

However, life has its own way of teaching you lessons! It was during one phase in my life when we as a family went through financial & health problems (they always come together is my understanding) that I accepted it was absolutely necessary to be rich. All these came as a flashback last week and here I am penning what I have experienced about being rich, having money and creating wealth!

While we all admire people that are wealthy and almost everyone wishes to drive a car like that person or live in a house like so and so, it is a wonder that speaking of this desire explicitly is something that we mostly shy away from. The majority of people, if asked whether they desire to be rich, will say something to the effect that they do not want to be rich, but simply want to be “comfortable.” Only a minority would comfortably say they want to be rich.

“Money is the root cause of all evil”

There are several reasons for this. The strongest is that from a cultural and misled perspective, wanting to be rich is seen as being equal to greed and gluttony. There has been a long tradition of teaching that the rich cannot please God and cannot enter into heaven for one reason or another. Poverty has been erroneously substituted for humility and spirituality. The often misquoted phrase “money is the root of all evil” comes to mind, when in fact the correct quote should be that “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

Love’s full expression

Wattle, in his very enlightening classic, explains that to live fully a man must love and “love is denied expression by poverty.” The reason for this is that love finds it’s most natural expression in giving and in order to give to those we love we must have all the necessities and luxuries of life at our disposal. Besides, how can you hope to help the poor and needy if you yourself are in their shoes? So go ahead & raise yourself – to help mankind.

Fear is a hindrance

Another reason people keep their desire to get rich secret is that they are afraid and in fear. They are afraid that they might fail to attain the wealth they desire and they doubt their ability to acquire that wealth. It seems far safer not to express the desire, lest someone should know about it and their shortcomings become evident if they fail. The thinking seems to be that it is wrong to want to be rich, but if you happen to stumble upon wealth or God blesses you with it, then that’s okay: you’re just one lucky guy.

It’s all in your head!

Your thoughts are the building blocks of your life and therefore they must be in harmony with what you intend to build. If you desire riches, you cannot hold the thought that it’s wrong or shameful to be rich. That contradiction between your thoughts and your actions in itself will prevent you from getting rich, no matter how much action and effort you put into trying to get rich. Your actions are important, but they are secondary. Planting and watering a papaya whilst you think about harvesting a mango will never bring the mango about. So working diligently towards riches, when you have planted the seed of poverty and lack in your mind will always produce poverty and lack.

You can be rich!

Know that there will always be enough money waiting for you out there. The world will not run out of resources on you. Get rid of the idea that in order for you to have more someone must have less. There is more than enough to go around. Get rid of the idea that there are external factors, such as the government, inflation and taxes that will prevent you from getting rich. How are others making it under the same conditions? Anyone can be rich if they know this truth and desire riches enough to act on it. The rich are so because they do things a certain way. The poor are so because they do not do the things that the rich do. It is that simple.

Rich – a four letter word; Money – a five letter word; Wealth – a six letter word...answer all things and are the keys to taking hold of opportunity and progressing in life.I am not ashamed of wanting it or having it.

Go ahead and have a wealthy day!!!Image

5 thoughts on “The Necessity Of Being Wealthy!

  1. Hey uma,
    Well said , love of money is root cause of evil.
    One has to love human beings(neighbours) and not ‘Things’ , but you can like things(money).
    The moment you love things and ‘like’ human beings you make devil to enter your life.

    By the way , this saying is about 2000 years old.
    Gooogle this – the love of money is the root cause of evil. And learn more about applying this to become wealthy 🙂


  2. Well penned thoughts Uma. I cannot agree less. Although having realised late that being wealthy is a necessasity than choice I would still give it a shot. Declaring my intentions and achieving them would make me an accomplisher. Does not matter even if I fail. I would be satisfied atleast I tried and gave it my best shot.


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