My Reality…Your Reality

The power of a person’s reality can have tremendous impact on how he shapes his future. What do we mean by this?

Keep repeating the statement, “I Can’t” at least 50 times and see the impact it has on you. By the end of the day, this would become your reality & you really can’t. On the contrary, keep repeating, “I Can” and “I am”. The positive reinforcement will attract factors that will enable you to achieve. This is also reality…but this is again your reality.

So, what is the difference between the two realities. Here is an example to illustrate this. We all know who invented the aircraft…the Wright Brothers. What do you think happened when they explained their idea of a human being able to fly. As usual, most people laughed while some others adopted the wait & watch style. However, the Wright Brothers did not give up their idea.

The brothers were also smart. They knew they faced risks in terms of flying first, but they were not risky. They chose a large flat piece of land to experiment and experiment they did – for five years, till they were able to fly a few inches above the ground and for less than a minute. Like all smart people they accounted for failures and decided to fail on flat ground rather than any other place. They also continued to practice failing till they could fly. Because they could take risks wisely, they changed the world forever!

Here’s what worked for them –
Reality (humans can’t fly) + Idea (humans can fly) = Possibility (invention of aircraft)

Did they get opposition – sure they did. Now, let’s look at our reality. A lot of us want to do different things in life. Do we get opposition when we express those wants…sure we do! What kind of statements do we hear –
“You can’t do something like this …this is not for you”
“You don’t have the experience so & so has…”
“You really don’t think this kind of money is possible”…and so on.

What are these folks telling us? Where are they coming from? They are coming from their reality. Their reality has conditioned them to make such statements.

Whereas my reality tells me
“I am able to help people understand what I want”
“I am building something valuable in my life through my relationships ”
“I am reaching my goal of financial independence and then freedom”

How different are these groups from each other? Very different…

People in the first group are stuck in their reality. They are unwilling to change their reality & move. As a result the perceptions get built accordingly and perception becomes reality.

People in my reality group understand the need to change reality based on opportunities. Every opportunity is explored and understood to shift paradigms.

The question now is how do we change our reality. By leveraging of course. There is a catch here – do not leverage others before you start leveraging yourself. In other words, leverage your mind. Our mind is the most powerful tool and what we think becomes reality in most cases. As the old adage goes…”what the mind thinks becomes flesh…” For example someone who thinks that investing in the stock market is risky, will look for information to substantiate his/her reality. So all the news they read or hear from others will relate to how people have lost money in the stock market.

The mind has the power to see what it believes as reality, thereby blinding it to other realities. Just as people told the Wright Brothers that humans can’t fly, we will have people tell us that what we want in life is either impossible or may not be possible only for us.

Therefore, what is my reality?
My reality is to leverage my mind in the most positive way to make things happen for people whom I take responsibility. So, I constantly expand my reality to accommodate shifts around me. Changing reality doesn’t necessarlity mean bigger things. It simply means changing a point of view & experiencing a paradigm shift and not getting to a stage of “Who Moved My Cheese”

Now that’s another perception altogether…:) 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Reality…Your Reality

  1. How I wish all those those mothers wanting their children to succeed read your blog and implemented in their children’s regimen by saying “You need to better this, that… than saying you are weak in this, that……” I have seen this in my son who after so much of berating declared ” yes I am weak in Maths.” And same boy scored 32 out of 35 when he studied maths on own his own with interest.


    • Wow! That’s fantastic! A little encouragement goes a long way I have understood. It’s part of human nature to find weaknesses more than strength…and it is our inherent insecurity that forces us to. Hats off to your son for accepting!


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